Hello all.  It’s been a few months, and there’s plenty to talk about!

For starters, as you may or may not know, I’ve been doing a serious expansion on the studio lately.  I’m proud to say the project is complete, and I am now booking studio time  The studio has been upgraded to a 16 channel facility, which means I now have the ability to record bands LIVE in the studio!  There is now a drum set all tuned, mic’d, and ready to go!  The studio is acoustically treated with sound panels and diffusers that I’ve custom built.  New interfaces, new mic’s, new gadgets, great sound!

Rachel Brashear - Ink Blot

Rachel Brashear – Ink Blot

In the last blog, I mentioned that I’ve been working on is a 3-song EP with Rachel Brashear.  The drums and bass were cut at ACM’s 4th floor teaching studio, and the vocals, guitar, and keyboard overdubs were recorded here at BlueTune.  The EP is called “Ink Blot” and you can listen to it at her Bandcamp page.  I’m really proud of this one, I think my favorite song is “Out Of Bounds”.  Thanks Rachel for having faith in me for this project.

The Broken Okies - "Small Town Eulogy"

The Broken Okies – “Small Town Eulogy”

Earlier this year, mixed “The Broken Okies” deubt album, “Small Town Eulegy”.  The album came out this past week and is currently only available at their shows.  They had already recorded the album elsewhere and were in need of help mixing.  Over the course of two months, I went through each track one by one.  Most of it was mixed here in the new facility.  You can check their website out at www.thebrokenokies.com, where they currently have the title track available for streaming.  I’d like to say thank you to these guys for asking me and having me on board for this project.
Sequoia Rapids

Sequoia Rapids

Our band Sequoia Rapids has been hard at work lately.  Earlier this year we hired Kavan Barnett as our drummer, and the group has shifted into an exciting new direction!  We’ve been rehearsing at the studio for months now, and we’ve also recorded four new songs!  We’re working on lining up gigs, so keep an eye out for those.  Listen to our song “Kukulkan“!

Rebecca Brock has been in the studio recently.  She’s working on cutting a song for a video presentation at her high school reunion next month.  Once the video becomes available I’ll post a link on here.  She also recently had her niece in here cutting vocals for one of her new songs “Victoria” (which is the name of her niece.)  Hopefully I’ll be presenting that song at some point.

I have a few other projects in the early brewing stages.  More on those as they develop!