Evil VoicesIt’s been quite some time since I last released a song of mine, even though I’m constantly recording new songs.  It makes me that much more excited to be unveiling this latest song of mine.  Over the last month I’ve been working on a piece inspired by the horror movie soundtrack works of Alan Howarth and John Carpenter, which include the Halloween films.  It’s a score to an imaginary horror film called “Evil Voices”.

The song features a number of samples I recorded in various locations on my Zoom H4N recorder.  One sample is from a recent camping trip to Lake Arcadia.  Another is taken from a classroom.  The song began life piecing these samples together, along with the creation of new instruments in Ableton Live.  The more I added, the more the song began to take shape.  Most of it was done at my studio, with a bit more additional work done at Studio C at ACM @ UCO.  I engineered this recording with the exception of the work done at ACM, which was engineered by Jessup Thomas.  The laughter was recorded during this session.  I invited volunteers to gather around a microphone in the studio to laugh manically.  The volunteers included Dustin Ragland and Tyler Blakely.

The last thing to be done to the song was the vocal chorus towards the end.  My wife Amanda and I both handled the parts, recording them at my studio.  The track was then mastered partially at ACM’s Studio B as well as my own studio.

I’m very proud of this song, and I hope it creeps you out a bit listening to it!

UPDATE –  You can now purchase the song for $1 on Bandcamp!  I’ve uploaded the full resolution 24-bit file, so you should have several options to choose from.

CREDITS for “Evil Voices”

Written, produced, and performed by Ian Roegels.
Engineered by Ian Roegels at BlueTune.
Additional engineering by Jessup Thomas at ACM Studio C.
Laughter: Ian Roegels, Dustin Ragland, Tyler Blakely.
Mixed and mastered by Ian Roegels.