Studio Seven Logo

Studio Seven Logo

I am now booking sessions and engineering at Studio Seven in Downtown Oklahoma City. Studio Seven has been around since 1990 and has seen a large number of artists enter its doors including The Flaming Lips, who recorded their albums “Transmissions from the Satellite Heart” and “Clouds Taste Metallic” there. The studio has a large assortment of analogue gear, including tube mic’s, an MCI-JH600 console, and a 24-track MCI tape machine. In addition it also is fully equipped with Pro Tools and a 24-track Alesis HD recorder. Check out the website for more details, and contact me for booking info!

I’ve been doing work for this studio for a number of years working mainly on their website.  I started around 2001 and picked it up again around 2008 after leaving the project for a few years.  In the last month, I have torn the website down completely and began a new one from scratch.  I really think the new site turned out great, no doubt thanks in part to my wife Amanda’s excellent photos she took.  Be sure to check out and also like the Facebook page.

In the last month or so, I’ve been recording two seperate projects.  The first is a local group called Them Apples.  So far, we have tracked two songs called “C” and “The Purges”.  I think both songs turned out great, but I think my favorite right now is “The Purges” and I’m really excited to unveil it to you soon.  The mixes for both of these songs are done and soon will be mastered.

Rachel Brashear tracking guitar for her newest EP.

Rachel Brashear tracking guitar for her newest EP.

Also, I’ve been working on tracking Rachel Brashear’s latest EP. The three songs are called “Affectation”, “Revolution”, and “Strength In Numbers”.  These songs rock a little more than the songs on the previous EP.  If you haven’t heard that one, you can listen to it on her Bandcamp page and purchase it as well.  This project will be finished in December, so it should be out towards the beginning of 2014.

By the way, Rachel also plays guitar in Them Apples.  Drummer Robby Anderson also plays in both projects.  I’m really excited to unveil what we all have been working so hard on, I think it sounds great!


Promotional photo I took for a band I'm in called "What?"

Promotional photo for “What?”


What? has been active lately as well.  We’ve recently played a couple of gigs, one at the Conservatory and one at ACM’s “Livelink” series.  I think we’re all very happy with how both of these gigs went.  I think we particularly played strong at the Livelink set.  On December 6 we will be playing a set on KSBI’s TV program “Oklahoma Live” at 4:00pm.  If you’ve been missing our sets, be sure to tune into that!  We have another gig in the works, but we’re waiting on final approval before we can announce it.  Be sure to like our Facebook page for those updates.

Oh, one final note.  BlueTune now has an Instagram account, so if you’re on there be sure to look up username “bluetuneokc”.

That’s all for now! – Ian