Recording at ACM Studio C.

Recording at ACM Studio C.

I’m excited to announce that I have accepted a position working for Sweetwater Sound in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  It has long been my dream to work for a company that cares as passionately about music as I do.  With that said, I will be leaving Oklahoma to move to Fort Wayne, Indiana on May 13.  This move will happen after I graduate ACM@UCO with my degree in Contemporary Music Production on May 10.

Recently, I’ve been hanging out with a new music community forming in the Oklahoma City area called The Bricktown 500.  It’s a really cool group designed to bring you access to all things related to the local music scene.  You can read my first review here, and be sure to like them on Facebook to keep up with what’s going on!

I recently wrapped up my film score for the local short film “Stick Up”.  The film was shown at the Red Carpet Film Festival on April 12.

I’ve been in the studio with Rachel Brashear working on her next EP.  I can tell you that it sounds absolutely nothing like her previous two EP’s.  In fact, I think it’s better.  The choice of instruments is different in these songs.  For example, two songs will feature a sparse arrangement of acoustic guitar, grand piano, and vocals.  We’re also working on a new rock song called “Beast” featuring a bigger arrangement than her previous efforts.  I really think this is her best music yet, you guys should really keep an eye out for it.

I’ve also been in the studio with Them Apples working on an EP.  The songs have a very organic live feel to them, and I’m very proud of the way they’re turning out.  During one of our sessions, my wife Amanda came up and took some awesome pictures of them recording.  I will be playing the Norman Music Festival with them at midnight on April 25.  This will be my last show in Oklahoma before I move to Indiana.

That’s all I’ve got for now.  Lots of loose ends to tie up before leaving.