Summit City Brass

Summit City Brass

Hello all.  I finally have an update to add.  Since March I’ve been involved with a project called “Summit City Brass”.  I play bass for the group, and I also worked on the band’s first demo recordings.  The tracks were the first to be recorded in the new BlueTune Lab that I’m building.  The band consists of a main group with Ashton Vaudt on guitars and vocals, Joe James on keyboards and vocals, and Sean Parr on drums.  In addition to the rhythm section there’s a horn section consisting of Al Parr on trumpet, Quincy Sanders on Saxophone, and Luis Sanchez on Trombone.  Currently our set consists of classic top 40 hits, but we’re working to integrate originals as the band progresses.  The musicians in this band are top notch, and the band sounds really tight!  As of this writing the tracks are being mastered.  As soon as they come back I’ll be posting some clips.


Nigel Moore - The Demos

Nigel Moore – The Demos

Nigel Moore recently released his new EP “The Demo’s”, which features a song I helped on called “Feeling The Weight Of Our Love”.  You can purchase the EP has his Bandcamp site.  I particularly had a lot of fun with this one because Nigel had already tracked everything at his house.  He sent me all the original files for mixing.  Up till then I hadn’t taken on mixing someone else’s recordings like that, and I really like the results.  Definitely go check out his EP, he’s a great songwriter.  Hopefully our work with “Them Apples” will come out in the future.


The new lab is coming along slowly but surely.  Currently I’m putting insulation everywhere.  I’m already happy with the sounds I’m getting out of it.


Until next time…..