Apple MacBook Pro.
Glyph Raid 6tb hard drive
Universal Audio Apollo Interface
Dangerous D-box Summing Mixer and Monitor Station.
Softube Console 1 Control Surface.
Presonus Faderport 8 Control surface.
Apogee Duet iOS
Focusrite Saffire Pro 40
Focal Solo 6 Monitors
M-audio BX5a monitors
Blue Mofi headphones
Akg k240 headphones
Direct Sound EX-25 Headphones
Zoom h4n field recorder.


Pro Tools
Studio One
Ableton Live 9 suite
Reason 8
Various UAD plugins
Various Waves plugins.
Various Izotope Plugins
Fab Filter EQ
Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate
MOTU Software Instruments Package


Gibson 2010 Les Paul Studio
Epiphone Hummingbird acoustic guitar
Yamaha acoustic guitar
Hofner V Ignition Bass
Alesis Qs8.1 Keyboard
Moog Mother 32 Synthesizer
Alesis VI61 Controller.
Yamaha Stage Custom drums. Birch.


Akg c214 (x2)
Shure sm7b
Audix d2 (x2)
AKG D112
Blue Bottle Rocket
Blue EncoreĀ 200
Blue Hummingbird
Rode ixy

AMPLIFIERS and pedals etc.

Orange Crush 35rt + Switch.
Peavy basic 50
Peavy Mark III
Boss Me70 Multi Efx pedal
Eventide Mix Link
Tc helicon poly tuner clipon